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CRIMM is written as Critical Research in men and Masculinities. CRIMM Research center limited is a company. The company has its offices in Namuswa Plaza, Wandegeya opposite Makerere University Hall small gate, Room 311A. CRIMM research Center started as an informal working group founded in 2019 with a mission to build capacities of young scholars in conducting cutting-edge research, critical reading and gender analysis in the field of men masculinities. The group was later registered in 2021 to offer intellectual support, training to researchers and young academics and activists on how to critically read, write and produce knowledge in reflexive ways.
The center offers tailor-made academic training programmes that provide grounding in theory and practice with particular interest in the field of gender studies and more so, men and masculinities. As a working group, CRIMM then (CRIMM RESEARCH CENTER LIMITED NOW) traces its origin in the South African informal working group entitled CRAP -critical researchers and practitioners at Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, department of Sociology and Social Anthropology.  

As an intellectual platform, CRIMM RESEARCH CENTER provides a collective learning environment among gender practitioners through their reflections on everyday ways of experiencing, performing masculinities and femininities. CRIMM Participants are exposed to reading classical and foundational texts in humanities to enable them to attain wider conceptual and theoretical knowledge, learn how to read, comprehend, remember and write in formal and acceptable academic ways.
Critical masculinities as a guiding framework
CRIMM Research Center adopted the field of critical masculinities as a template upon which to demonstrably build capacities in critical reading, writing and analysis. As such, the training programme, research works referenced, exercises that participants engage in and different forms of demonstrations adopt a critical masculinities perspective.


To build capacities of young scholars in conducting cutting-edge research, critical reading, writing and analysis.


To be a leading academic space for mentorship, capacity building and gender theorization


• Intellectualism
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Team Work
• Creativity 

CRIMM Research Fellows 2022


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Namuswa Plaza, Wandegeya Opposite Makerere University Hall small gate, Room 311A. 
Kampala - Uganda

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